Haverhill Foodbank

Working to help stop hunger in the Haverhill area

It only takes a change in circumstances; for example, loss of job, benefit cut or benefits delay and families already struggling to make ends meet either have to borrow money for food, or go without.

A safety net for unexpected crisis

We are looking to help bridge the gap with food for a family or individual for at least 3 days (or until other agencies or services becomes available). We work closely with other agencies, i.e. family support workers, health visitors and Social Services.

Haverhill Foodbank was officially launched in October 2008 in partnership with The Trussell Trust and Haverhill and District Churches Together (HDCT).

Reach Community Projects

Reach Community Projects is a Haverhill charity which exists to reduce poverty, increase aspirations and set people on the pathway to achieving their full potential.

REACH was established in 2005 to provide debt counselling, but we soon found that our clients had many complex problems, not just financial ones. In 2008 we launched a Foodbank to provide emergency food to families in crisis. Our Furniture Bank grew out of this when local people began to offer us furniture donations. The need for a ‘Centre’ enabling people to access all our projects from a single place soon became apparent. We found a suitable site and opened the REACH Resource Centre in May 2010. It is our ‘hub’ and has acted as a launch pad for other projects all of which support our clients in their time of need.

REACH Community Projects was officially launched in January 2010 by Euro MP Richard Howitt. All projects are aimed at relieving the effects of poverty in and around the Haverhill area

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